1. Installation
2. Setup
3.  Credentials
4. Default Values
5. Delivery Options
6. Enabling Products
7. Order Fulfillment

Magento Extension

Offer your Customers a delivery service like no other. Seamlessly offer Rendr's premium Fast, Flexible and Standard delivery options on your Magento website within minutes.

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Plugin Installation

Install Rendr's Delivery Plugin on your Magento website.

Follow the below steps to enable Rendr in your website checkout:

1. Unpack the ZIP
2 Install the entire files and folder app in the below format:
3. Enable maintenance mode by executing the below:
php bin/magento maintenance:enable
4. Execute upgrade command php bin/magento setup:upgrade
5. Execute compile command php bin/magento setup:di:compile
6. Execute command to flush cache php bin/magento cache:
7. Execute command to clean cache php bin/magento cache:clean
8. Execute static deploy command php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
9. Call off maintenance mode php bin/magento maintenance:disable


Initial Setup

Configuring Rendr Delivery in your Magento backend.

After activating the plugin, go to Magento > Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales >Shipping Methods > Rendr Delivery Methods

You have now successfully configured Rendr’s Delivery services in your Magento backend.


Inputting Credentials

Authenticating your account to retrieve Rendr Delivery rates.

Insert the credentials provided to you by your Rendr Implementation Partner

  • URL

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Tenant ID

  • Store ID


Default Product Dimensions & Weight

Fallback dimension and attributes you can set as a fallback.

In order to retrieve an accurate quote and delivery time all products require their dimension and weight attributes set. In case not all products have their dimension and attributes set you can define a fallback set of dimensions and weight to be used.

We strongly recommend setting the dimension and weight on a product level as you may incur additional charges or delays if a product does not fit the dimensions/weight specified.


Selecting Available Delivery Options

Setting the available delivery services to display to your customers.

Rendr has 3 primary delivery options offered.
Fast - Delivered in 30 Minutes to 3 Hours
Flexible - Delivered Same Day by 5pm
Standard - Delivered Overnight or Interstate

By default, all Rendr services will be shown to your customers.

In the Magento configuration panel, you can disable or re-enable the certain delivery methods by holding ⌘ on Mac or ctrl on Windows.


Enabling Rendr Delivery on Certain Products

Define which products display Rendr's Delivery Methods at Cart & Checkout

You will be required to select which products you want to show Rendr's Delivery options at the cart and checkout level on your website.

In your backend, navigate to Catalogue > Products and select the certain product, or use the multi-select option to enable all items.

By default, all products are set to No.

Toggle the Show Rendr Delivery for this product switch to Yes.

Your customers will now be able to select Rendr's Delivery services on your Magento website! 🎉


Fulfilling an Order placed with Rendr

How to fulfil an order when Rendr is selected as the delivery method.

When a new order is made with Rendr Delivery as the delivery option you need to finalise the booking.

Go to Sales > Orders. In the orders list, there is a link, 'Go To Rendr'. You can also view this on the specific order page in the top bar.

This will open the order up in the Rendr Merchant Portal to 'Book' the job and print the consignment label.