1. Plugin Installation
2. Initial Setup
3. Order Packing and Shipping Preferences
4. Default Product Dimensions & Weight
5. Shipping Zone Setup
6. Fulfilling an Order place with Rendr


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Plugin Installation

Install Rendr's Delivery Plugin on your Wordpress website.

This plugin can be easily installed like any other WordPress integration by following the steps below:

1. Download the latest zip file release.

2. Upload the plugin zip file in Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin in your Wordpress Dashboard

3. Activate the plugin.

Alternatively, you can manually install the plugin via FTP by following these steps:

1. Download and unzip the latest zip file release.

2. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ path.

3. Activate the plugin using the Plugins menu in WordPress sidebar menu.


Initial Setup

Configuring Rendr Delivery in your Wordpress backend.

After activating the plugin, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Rendr Delivery.

Insert the credentials provided to you by your Rendr Implementation Partner

  • Brand ID

  • Store ID

  • Client Id

  • Client Secret

Press the “Test Credentials” button to validate your credentials.


Order Packing and Shipping Preferences

Configure how orders are usually packed for shipping.

This will affect how many shipping labels you receive from Rendr. When selecting a predefined set of containers the plugin will automatically attempt to fit the order items into the given set of dimensions.

  • Orders are packed into a single parcel/container

  • Order items are packed and shipped separately into their own parcel/container

  • Order items are packed together to fit a set of one or more containers predefined below:

If you choose “Order items are packed together to fit a set of one or more containers predefined below” a table will appear with some common package sizes. You can customise these based on your standard packages.


Default Product Dimensions & Weight

Fallback dimension and attributes you can set as a fallback.

In order to retrieve an accurate quote and delivery time all products require their dimension and weight attributes set. In case not all products have their dimension and attributes set you can define a fallback set of dimensions and weight to be used.

We strongly recommend setting the dimension and weight on a product level as you may incur additional charges or delays if a product does not fit the dimensions/weight specified.

To add product dimensions and weights on the product level, follow the official Woocommerce documentation (Link: Adding Shipping Dimensions to Products)

Once you have updated your Rendr settings, press “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.


Shipping Zone Setup

Add the Rendr Delivery option to your desired shipping zones.

Next you need to add the Rendr Delivery option to your desired shipping zones (Link: Setting up Shipping Zones) in Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping zones.

In your desired Shipping Zones click “Add shipping method” and select “Rendr Delivery” from the dropdown.

Once added, click “Edit” to view the settings. By default, all Rendr Delivery options are available but you can use the checkboxes to change what options are available to the user.

Click “Save Changes”.

Repeat the above steps for all Shipping Zones where Rendr Delivery is required.

You also have the ability to filter which Rendr Delivery methods you would like to offer to customers on your website in Rendr Delivery Settings.

Your customers will now be able to select Rendr's Delivery services on your WooCommerce checkout! 🎉


Fulfilling an Order Placed with Rendr

How to fulfil an order when Rendr is selected as the delivery method.

When a new order is made with Rendr Delivery as the delivery option you need to finalise the booking.

Go to Woocommerce > Orders. In the orders list you can click “Book Delivery” to confirm the order is ready for delivery. This will open the order up in the Rendr Merchant Portal to 'Book' the job and print the consignment label.

This button is in the “Actions” column. If you do not see the actions column, scroll to the top of the orders page and click “Screen Options” and check the “Actions” box to display it.